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Hydra Ventures focuses on transformational products and technologies.

We identify overlooked opportunities and pain points with large scaling potential and quickly develop early stage prototype products for product market fit

Once our idea gains traction, we provide resources for fast and focused market growth acceleration. This way we preserve initial capital and deploy our time and resources wisely.

All of our business ideas are founded on the principles of software, scalability and sustainability.

We believe that we can tackle the world’s problems and yet be a profitable business. 


Innovate and Disrupt

50% of the S&P 500 companies will be replaced in the next decade. Part of the problem is that they are sustained innovators, making gradual improvements to their products and resisting change.

Companies that reframe their industries however, will be able to disrupt and adapt to the future. Hydra Ventures aims to capitalise on sustained innovators inability to change and seize disruptive opportunities. We are agile and nimble.

For information inquiries please message info@hydraventurescorp.com

Our Journey

Hydra’s founder Florian Sander (aka Flo) is a serial entrepreneur and one of the regions most creative and innovative minds in Asia.

Trained in hospitality and with an eye for Interior Design, Flo has a long held passion for technology and the way it can improve and automate back-end processes in order to provide better customer experiences

As an investor in several tech start ups ranging from Wireless Power Transfer and IOT to smart glasses and POS solutions. Over the years, he has found several opportunities that have the potential to become new standard products and technologies in the hospitality industry and beyond. As businesses seek new pathways to better manage processes, resources and profitability, technology is the key enabler to unlock this potential

Innovators: join the Hydra revolution by tapping into a wealth of knowledge and ideas where we accompany you on the way to creating greatness.

Investors: invest alongside us into our businesses and diversify into an untapped world of immense potential.

Two possibilities inside one: This is Hydra Ventures.



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